8 PAWS WELLNESS balances daily random acts of kindness with our business purpose of helping others in strife. We work with those in job markets who need stress relief, we help children with anxiety, we help the elderly who are lonely and need companionship, we work with those diagnosed with PTSD, and we offer partnership care for animal guardians who travel and need a healthy duo to look after their pawed friends. Everything Scout and I partake in revolves around emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

There are always surprises in store, as my creative self loves to engage all the senses and be mindful of the moment. Scout tends to lead the way on our adventures to locations and workplaces, and with his jovial spirit and giving nature, we are guided to help others in ways they may have not realized. It's a pay-it-forward mission and we walk our talk. Come join us—or ask us to join you—wherever you may be, and see how we can transform your energy with one visit!

Just as dogs need each other to connect with their exuberant and unconditionally loving selves, so too do we need an honorable relationship with our own body, mind, soul, and our peers. Through caring and thoughtful interactions, we alter the dynamic in your scenario in such a way that you feel propelled to work smarter, feel more joy, feel more harmony, and you’ll feel compelled to engage in acts of kindness towards others as well.

A happy dog equals happy people. Healthy humans is a byproduct of a healthy dog, a healthy home, and healthy work environments. Every body will benefit from our time spent together.

We can meet you at your place of employment, your residence, your favorite restaurant, the park, a beach, your chosen walking trail, your school playground, wherever is convenient and comfortable for you. Scout and I offer a yoga practice on connection with just you, or if you want your pup to join and receive the good vibes too. That’s our specialty. We offer a visit to an elderly family member to raise their spirits. The joy they receive is insurmountable. We’ll help you socialize your dog with other humans and other dogs. Oftentimes, it takes a calming presence to be near your pup for them to understand. We gotcha covered there. We offer stay-at-your-home care for you travelers who need peace of mind and your pup (or cat) to be safe in their own environment. They also get hourly playtime with Scout, who adores the mutual reception.

If you’re a new creative artist and want to be more productive whilst working from home, Scout and I show you how it’s done. If you have employees in a business setting and the joy factor has gone down a notch, alongside the motivation to complete tasks or collaborate as a team, we get in there and subtly raise the enthusiasm. Having a service dog in an organization—if even for a day—can alter the morale of the work environment twofold. We act first and think later.  Scout is propelled by his emotions, and they are BIG!

As a published author, creative freelance writer, and also former employee in the corporate world, having written three books: _Ripple Effects_ published March 2012, _A Big Piece of Driftwood_ published April 2014, and _Scout: A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward_ published October 2018, I believe wholeheartedly that helping others is the ultimate high. If I can impart what I have learned and taught over 25+ years practicing overall wellness (fitness, nutrition, lifestyle consulting, canine guardianship, emotional wellness) then our existence—and coexistence—will hopefully get that much better. 

Being blessed with an animal family member is one of the greatest gifts, and my number one joy is that discovering a bond with them through grounded and nourishing movement of any kind will engage the wellness factor between the two of you. Scout and I allow that to happen. There are no rules. When we visit you and your canine companion, or your employees in the workplace, or your human family member in whatever setting you need, we change the mood in such a way that your inner self rises and appreciates more of life. Smiles ensue, life feels lighter, stress dissipates, the energy around you has shifted, that’s 8 Paws Wellness. The main thing is to have a good attitude and the rest simply flows.

We are also available for local speaking engagements, a chance to gather with community and offer up our insights on emotional wellness with a canine companion through meaningful interaction.

I hope we can meet you and you’ll join us and be part of something fresh and exciting and full of stories. Scout’s energy is infectious and he has the easygoing temperament to match. We are here to help with your overall transition to a more joyful existence. 8 Paws Wellness is a learning, growing, sharing, connecting, thriving partnership—this is who we are, this is how we can change your world.

Are you ready to take your heart(ful) work to the next level? Contact us to discover more pawsibilities!

Blessings in health and love,

Gerry Ellen and Scout